The Albion Beatnik Bookstore website (or how a bookshop once changed a light bulb)

The web page of the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford, now closed (as usual) for business: muses and misspills on books, jazz, poetry, stuff like false flags and smoke screen: was randomly decrepit and proven to be more than neo-bankrupt: it was so analogue it was anal and now deceased.


In stock is a new range of natural beauty product:  LEAFOLOGY includes body care, lip balm, facial oil and cleansing, mother and baby product and more.

productPrintLEAFOLOGY has a vested interest in beauty that is pure, plant sourced and full of natural abundance: natural botanicals are potent and powerful (they are the source of both ancient and modern medicine, after all). Every product in the LEAFOLOGY range contains tea, whether it’s in the form of the life-giving leaf we know so well, or in extract form (containing 20 times more antioxidant power than Vitamin C), or the cold-pressed oil from its unique seed. All hail Camellia (the much-fêted tea plant): tea is the thing, a nutritional powerhouse packed full of vitamins, fatty acids, omega oils and nourishing micro-nutrients.

naturalingredientsThe LEAFOLOGY range is created in small, fresh batches in an Oxfordshire village, certified according to EU regulations. It uses only pure, plant-derived ingredients; no synthetic fragrances or colours, or any non-natural product. It does not support animal testing. It is suitable for vegans; it sources raw ingredients as responsibly as possible.

Visit the LEAFOLOGY websiteLeafology

LEAFOLOGY supports The Gatehouse, a drop-in, open-door café, activity
and support centre in Oxford city centre, which exists to provide a calm,
safe refuge for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed.