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Sandspout issue 2 / January 2017


The second issue of The Sandspout was published November 19th, 2016, and is now available for sale in the shop, £3. 162pp, A5. With articles from Heathcote Williams, Sally Bayley, Simon Image and others, plenty on jazz; an interview with Matthew Shipp; a short story from Baret Magarian, an extract from a novel by Yvonne Eller, flash fiction from Sam Sussman, Sally Lane, Virginia Moffatt; pieces from Emma Rault and Ray Keenoy; poetry from John Lanyon, Peter J. King and Andrew McNeillie.

162pp, A5 sized paperback, £4.00




The Sandspout is the only magazine produced by a bookshop in the U.K. Its name reflects the serendipitous nature of both bookstore and magazine, in particular its editor who cannot focus on less than five things at once.

Submissions to the shop via; next issue March 2017. The criteria for inclusion is a vague willy-nilly attachment to the shop in one way or another.

Here is a cartoon depiction of the launch evening for the magazine on November 19th, 2016, by Andrew Kay (three of whose cartoons are in the magazine, all are on his web page



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