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The web page of the ABPress based in Oxford and Sibiu, soon open for business: muses and misspells on its books. Randomly decrepit, stiff joints, possibly neo-bankrupt: so out of touch it needs help, but so analogue it cannot be helped. Nonetheless temperamentally enthusiastic, moderately irascible.

The Narcotic Analgesia of Reading

Tenderness and relaxed reverie in these photos of retreat: Jack London and T. S. Eliot, both at the age of either eight or nine years old.

Jack London is possibly in Heinold’s Saloon on the San Franciscan seafront, his reading a respite from the hardship of his upbringing, at work 12-18 hours daily by the age of thirteen. T. S. Eliot is in his family’s summer home, Massachusetts, either in 1896 or 1897. His reading is to escape from illness and isolation; one biographer wrote that he set “the drug of dreams against the pain of living.”

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