The Albion Beatnik Bookstore website (or how to change a light bulb in a tight space on a ladder)

The web page of the Albion Beatnik Bookstore, based once in Oxford, then Sibiu, always neo-bankrupt, now closed for business: atavistic and very analogue, its musings and misspells on books and stuff.

Oxford Review of Books

At only £3, the first issue of the excellent (termly) Oxford Review of Books is a bargain and available here in the Bookstore. The newspaper is formatted as the London Review of Books, a fine template to use. And if you buy it from the Beatnik you’ll receive a free cafetiere of coffee, brewed here with exact formulas to an optimum strength which corresponds to recent research. It has been proved that three cups of coffee each day adds years to your life (its antioxidant plant compounds are vital life enhancers), and higher coffee consumption reduces disease related, in particular, to poor circulation and digestion. If the ORB thrives then it can boast to be the only literary magazine guaranteed to stave off irritable bowel syndrome, halitosis, dyspepsia and varicose veins – so long as you buy it at the Albion Beatnik.

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