The ABPress website (or how to change a light bulb in a tight space with one hand tied)

The web page of the ABPress based in Oxford and Sibiu, soon open for business: muses and misspells on its books. Randomly decrepit, stiff joints, possibly neo-bankrupt: so out of touch it needs help, but so analogue it cannot be helped. Nonetheless temperamentally enthusiastic, moderately irascible.

Make Contact

ADDRESS soon to be a P. O. Box No. in Oxford

For now try :-
Str. Balcescu Nicolae 1-3 Ap.26
550159, Sibiu,
Județul Sibiu

otherwise try (fat chance I shall get it before too long) :-
c/o 51 Chaucer Drive,
Bucks HP21 7LH


TELEPHONE 07737 876213

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