The ABPress website (or how to change a light bulb in a tight space with one hand tied)

The web page of the ABPress based in Oxford and Sibiu, soon open for business: muses and misspells on its books. Randomly decrepit, stiff joints, possibly neo-bankrupt: so out of touch it needs help, but so analogue it cannot be helped. Nonetheless temperamentally enthusiastic, moderately irascible.


And Other Stories : started life in the Albion Beatnik with Jericho Sessions, specialising in high quality and often hitherto unknown foreign authors, with a great eye for new writing
Book Ex Machina : quirky book matchboxes
CB Editions : the most immaculately produced books, the best poetry press and small publisher in the UK, sometimes in retirement
Happenstance : a class act and small poetry press with immaculate values

Daniel Balanescu : Romanian artist based in Oxford […/]
Mark Rowan Hull : performance painting on a BIG scale, often musical
Immaginacija : Lucie Forejtova’s bespoke bindery, highly recommended for poetry pamphlets
Ulganate (Michael Gills’ type & font design, design for paper & digital media)
Leafology : natural beauty products
Chris Vinz : fabulous artist and sculptor based in Prague, responsible for some of the artwork in the shop

Humphrey Astley (Oxford based poet)
David Attwooll (Oxford based poet)
Back Room Poets (Oxford based group)
Jo Bell (poetry, all roads lead to…)
Joseph Butler (Oxford poet)
Will Burns (Wendover poet)
Nancy Campbell (Oxford poet, occasionally on the canal)
Peter Hitchens (a sane journalist still standing)
Oxford Walking Tours (what it says)
George Roberts (Oxford poet)
Spin Jazz Club (the best jazz club in the UK, in Oxford)

Bernard O’Donoghue’s Connolly’s Bookshop

Barbara Pym’s Excellent Women