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The web page of the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford: muses and misspills on books, jazz, poetry, stuff like false flags and smoke screen: is randomly decrepid and is neo-bankrupt: is so analogue it's anal.


Only one coffee is served, smooth and mild-bodied in a cafetiere, and no latte, cappuccino or Boticelli.

However over 60 loose leaf teas (listed below) in a teapot are served, and cake, sometimes not stale.




HIGH GROWN CEYLON   Broken Orange Pekoe, a smaller leaf for a stronger flavour
CEYLON ORANGE PEKOE   Large leaf with a distinctive orange liqueur
CEYLON KANDY   Full of flavour, from northern Sri Lanka
NUWARA ELIYA   Light, flowery and aromatic, grown at high altitude


GUNPOWDER GREEN   Classic strong China green tea
LAPSANG SOUCHONG   Black, strong, smokey Chinese tea, you either love it or you hate it
SENCHA   Chinese version of Japanese ‘twiggy’ green tea
PANYONG CONGOU   A popular and classic tea: like Keemun with a sharp edge
FORMOSA OOLONG   Fermented to give a delicate fruity flavour (NOT served boiling hot)
KEEMUN   Classic Chinese tea, ideal if black and unsweetened
PAI MU TAN   Chinese white tea: sun dried and not fermented, very high in antioxidants and low in caffeine
JASMINE   Partially fermented for a milder black tea style, beautifully scented
YUNNAN   Slightly malty and woody, a large leaf black tea
CHUN MEE   Slightly sweet green tea, translated as ‘Precious Eyebrows’ (reflecting the curved shape of the rolled leaves)
ROSE CONGOU   Black tea with the scent of rose


DARJEELING   Fragrant, near green leaves with a delicate flavour
ASSAM TIPS   Heavy and slightly malty, a good strong Indian tea
ASSAM FLOWERY   Malty with a spicy undertone
NILGIRI   A gentle and refreshing fruit tea from Southern India
ASSAM BLEND   A good, reliable and reasonably strong tea


Builders of the world unite
EARL GREY   Black Keemun tea, scented with oil of Bergamot
EARL GREY BLUE LADY   A softer floral flavour, perfumed with cornflowers and mallow
EGYPTIAN MINT   Pure Spearmint for a refreshing, light mint tea, mixed with a black tea, classic North African style, Low caffeine
PEPPERMINT   A tea made from blending peppermint and spearmint
RUSSIAN CARAVAN   A traditional blend of teas from the East (tea and spice caravans wended their way to Europe from China through Russia)
ROOIBOS   aka Red bush: South African fruity flavour with health aiding properties, caffeine free
HONEYBUSH   from South Africa, but sweeter than Rooibos, medicinal, caffeine free
BRAZILIAN MATE   From South America, with a long lasting caffeine effect   (traditionally drunk from a Calabash gourd using a bombilla – a silver straw)
CINNAMON TEA   Crushed cinnamon sticks
BLACK CHAI   Aniseed, cinnamon and ginger added to a black tea base. Have with milk and sugar (or black with honey)
RED CHAI   Aniseed, cinnamon and ginger added to rooibos
GREEN CHAI   Aniseed, cinnamon and ginger added to mint
GINGER   A gentle tea scented with flakes of ginger
MANGO   A blend of China and Ceylon teas sprinkled with yellow petals
STRAWBERRY   Black tea, scented with strawberry
VANILLA GREEN   China tea scented with vanilla
Green Sencha tea, flavoured

FRUIT TISANES  all caffeine free

GRAPEFRUIT & ORANGE   A sweet and fruity blend
Sharp and refreshing tisane with zest
MIXED RED BERRIES   A lovely sweet blend of berries and peel
BLOOD ORANGE   Rich and sweet

TEABAGS  in a teapot

Green Tea
Green Tea with Strawberry
Green Tea with Lemon
Liqourice & Ginger
Liqourice & Cinnamon
Ginger, Galangai & Turmeric
Liqourice Mint
Ginger Orange
Lemon & Ginger
Nettle Infusion 
White Tea
Chamomile & Vanilla
Vanilla Chai
Dandelion Infusion 
Lemon & Mandarin
Supreme Matcha Green
Blackcurrant & Acai Berry
Japanese Mu Tea
Wild Apple & Cinnamon

The way tea is prepared and drunk is influenced by the various traditions prevalent in different countries. In Russia, tea is concentrated and served in glasses, and a lump of sugar is often placed in the month before drinking it. The samovar has a reserve of boiling water so that visitors can be offered a cup of traditional tea at any time of the day. In Vietnam, tea is drunk from cups with lids. In Arabia, tea is very sweet and infused with mint, and is drunk from small glasses. In Japan, tea is drunk as part of an elaborate ceremony that must be followed to the letter and requires years of experience to perform.

Tea used in bags is often of the poorest grade and is crushed in the tea bag, leaving no room for infusion. The paper inhibits the subtlety of tea’s flavours (and has often been treated with chlorine). Muslin tea bags are a better choice.

COFFEE is served in a cafetiere £2.00 per person
TAYLOR’S LAZY SUNDAY   A smooth medium roast coffee, round and mid-bodied (no cappuccino, latte or Boticelli here)