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Albion Beatnik Events: May 2015

Some events over the next month to which all are invited:

Friday 1st May 8:00pm JAZZ OxJaMS Trio CD launch: George Haslam, Richard Leigh Harris and Steve Kershaw present their new CD Suite of DreamsEntry £10 (includes free CD); refreshment available.

tellingbeesSaturday 2nd May 7:45pm FOLK MUSIC Telling the Bees Entry £6; refreshment available. Telling the Bees are an innovative acoustic band making a unique and original music they call darkly crafted folk. They met in 2007 at Oxford’s legendary Catweazle Club, and have released two acclaimed albums, Untie the Wind and An English Arcanum. In 2011 they expanded to the current five-piece line-up and their eagerly awaited third album, Steer by the Stars, is launched this evening. Taking their inspiration from folklore, landscape, psychedelia, paganism, and the politics of protest, Telling the Bees mix driving songs and tune-sets with haunting ballads. Intelligent lyrics, exotic rhythms and modes, and instruments as varied as fiddle, mandolin, cello, double bass, concertina, stomp box and English bagpipes are brought together in skilful arrangements, wild at times, gentle at others. With a powerful sound, Telling the Bees conjure vivid images, as crafted and rugged and graceful as a woodcut. Opening the evening will be an acoustic set by Charlie Henry.

Sunday 3rd May 6:00pm POETRY & JAZZ Two new poetry collections launched: David Attwooll’s The Sound LadderPeter Robinson’s Buried Music. With solo keyboard interludes from fabulous jazz pianist Frank HarrisonEntry £4; refreshment available.

Monday 4th May 8:00pm STORYTELLING REPUBLIC The Kiss of Forgetfulness told by Nell Phoenix: fairy tales for fearless adults told by a professional storyteller, a wonderful evening’s entertainment. Entry £8/£6; refreshment available.

Tuesday 5th May 7:30pm POETRY Dan O’Brien, Martin Malone & Patrick McGuinnessEntry £2; refreshment available. Dan O’Brien is an American poet based in Los Angeles with two collections published by CB Editions, War Reporter and Scarsdale. Martin Malone edits The Interpreters House. Patrick McGuiness is poet, novelist and essayist, Professor of French Literature at Oxford University.

reddaggerWednesday 6th May 8:00pm POETRY ELECTION EVE SPECIAL Ciaran Walsh’s dramatic recitation of The Red Dagger by Heathcote Williams, which tells the story of the City of London’s symbolic coat of arms image of a blood red soaked dagger that killed Wat Tyler, who had led a peasant’s revolt on behalf of the poor (the dagger survives and is on display at Fishmongers’ Hall). Entry £3; refreshment available.

Thursday 7th May ELECTION NIGHT [HOMILY, self-righteous: democracy is an ersatz supremacist religion, and if it sort of works for us here, it’s only because we have a heritage of tea drinking, Jane Austen, Morris Dancing, [note the Oxford comma]  and the sort of bellicose even-tempered inhibition that stalls bloody noses, and that doesn’t mean to say that all of us have to believe in democracy – we are allowed to be atheists and not be on the electoral register if we can get away with it, although as it’s messed up with the tax system it can be difficult to be removed from it unless you become homeless or live on a boat or a phone box – or partake of it, and certainly not foist it self-righteously on the rest of the world who are occasionally happy to do as they please without our interference, even if it means that they do some rather horrid things, because that’s there business, and who’s to say that Tony Blair in the name of democracy didn’t do some rather horrid things, which if you believe in democracy then becomes your business, and it’s not a crime to be non-liberal, non-Guardian imbibing (the Times is now only a lifestyle magazine and owned by Murdoch who is a total tosser and should never be bought on principle), not believe in global warming or not to think that Methodism curtailed Marxist revolution in the 1780s, and to think that dogs are nicer than people and should get the vote also, and that cars should be abolished, and concrete never used.]

Friday 8th May 8:00pm (basement) AMALGAMAS Spanish Book Group

Friday 8th May 8:00pm ROMANIAN FOLK MUSIC Ada Milea. An established and revered name in Romania, Ada’s singing is full of wit and sparkle. Entry £6; refreshment available.

Saturday 9th May 7:30pm POETRY Alan Buckley with the Back Room PoetsEntry £4 (£2 BRP); refreshment available. Alan Buckley was brought up on Merseyside. He moved to Oxford in the 1980s to study English Literature and has lived here ever since. He has worked, among other things, as a forklift truck driver a psychotherapist, and as poet in residence at a prison. His pamphlet Shiver was a Poetry Book Society pamphlet choice for summer 2009. Back Room Poets reading this evening are Elizabeth Birchall, Louise Larchbourne, David Olsen, Kathleen Quinlan, Tina Sederholm & Merryn Williams.

Advance warning for late May and early June:
Wednesday 13th May POETRY Steve Pottinger
Thursday 14th May BACK ROOM POETS workshop
Thursday 14th May BEATNIK MICROPLEX film in basement
Saturday 16th May POETRY Sarah Dixon’s The Quiet Compere
Wednesday 20th May JAZZ John Etheridge & Pete Oxley
Thursday 21st May FREE RANGE POETS workshop
Tuesday 26th May STORYTELLING with Sharkspark
Tuesday 26th BEATNIK READING GROUP Naples ’44 by Norman Lewis
Thursday 28th May BACK ROOM POETS workshop
Thursday 28th May BEATNIK MICROPLEX film in basement
Friday 29th May CB Editions READINGS Matthew Siegel, Will Eaves, May-Lan Tan
Sunday 31st May IMPROVISED MUSIC Martin Hackett, Lawrence Casserley & Julian Faultless
Monday 1st June STORYTELLING REPUBLIC Xanthe Gresham, Forging the Lines of Brigid
Tuesday 2nd June BOOK LAUNCH Gilad Atzmon, A to Zion
Wednesday 3rd June FOLK MUSIC The Sink Trio
Friday 5th June AMALGAMAS Spanish Reading Group
Saturday 6th June JAZZ Sarah Gillespie & Frank Harrison

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